The Suicide Brothers

Directed by Allie Rivera

When an all-consuming evil unlike anything the world has seen is unleashed, it is up to a small group of townspeople to stop it before it spreads beyond their small town and infects the entire world.

Trista Zamora decides to finally take control of her life and her mental illness.  When she unwittingly releases an ancient Aztec goddess in pursuit of the truth, her memories of a traumatic past resurface and she struggles to understand what is real, and what is a terrifying fantasy of revenge. 

​Writer/Director: Allie Rivera

The Wake(2017)

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Moms Anonymous 

Directed by Allie Rivera

10 Episode Web Series, 7 min Episodes

In Production and Post-Production

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The Raking (2017)

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Paving Independence Through Inspired Creation


Five sinners must reconcile their pasts in a centennial ritual in order to save the human race.

Spare Room

Directed by Jenica Bergere

Hearts of Darkness: The Making of the Final Friday
The story behind the most controversial entry in horror's biggest franchise

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The first installment in the TALL DARK TALES SERIES, 4 STORIES is a series of four short, interconnected dark tales (a la BLACK MIRROR):

ONLY 1 WISH - Post Production 

MY #2- Pre -Production

3 DOORS DOWN - Pre-Production

4th STORY - Pre-Production